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Friday, August 27, 2010

Thinking about the Future

So, next year about this time, Slurry Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rockstar! will be published by Sourcebooks press. It's very exciting for me, but it also means a whole lot of changes and a brand new learning curve. Did I mention how I hate learning curves? Also, this one is done in public- ohhh, even better!

I'm attempting to remain calm and to give myself lots of permission to learn and make mistakes, but there are moments. If all goes well, I will publish L&PGTW next. It will probably be re-titled 'Fitzwilliam Darcy, Knight!' or some such thing, but it's all good.

So what comes after that? I need to finish some new stories. And I'm not quite sure how that's going to work. There is the simple question of 'what?' I'd love to do an updating of Northanger Abby, which is so funny I lol when reading it, but my brain's also been spending some time with Anne Elliot, from Persuasion, and she'd like her story told too. She's very loud today, and I'm really drawn to the story of a woman ho gave up on love, who's now in her 30's and is now saying "I'm too old, there's no romance for me" and finding up just how wrong she could be.

Or, there is always Darcy and Elizabeth, who are certainly the most popular Austen pair, and who I have a way with, if you know what I mean. I could ruffle some feathers with 'Pride and Prejudice' with guest stars Charles Bingley and James (not Jane) Bennet. Or I could combine my other love, and set the story in 16th Century Venice. Or I could just go totally off the deep end, and write my SuperHero version of P & P.

But the other question on writing is 'How?' When I wrote Slurry and L&PGTW, I had the wonderful and very insulated community of Hyacinth Gardens to encourage and structure me. I had posting deadlines, that were self-imposed, but that served me very well, and I had wonderful Betas, who kept me from going astray. (and made sure my work was actually readable) Sadly that's all gone, and I'm not sure how well I can write without that community around me.

I'm trying not to worry that too much, having faith that when I need it, the support will appear. I've found that in the past, sweating the process doesn't help me much, and I do much better listening to my intuition, at least when it comes to writing stories.

So, what are your thoughts, dear readers. Is there a community I've missed that I'd be welcome at? (Because anything I write will be adult in nature, and not everyone enjoys that) Do you have any suggestions on the topic I should write? Am I babbling nonsense?

Right now, I want to say thank you for all your support. It's really important to me.



  1. came here from Austen Authors (I will be days getting through it all!) and stayed awhile reading your postings. So pleased to see the Slurry Encore!

    I first read you at Meryton and never went to HG before it shut down, so I would love to see you continue to use the MLS site. 50 miles / scotch-and-sirens also hosts adult stories.
    I did note the short stories I read at your AI link could benefit from a bit of proofreading and would be happy to forward some suggestions if you do not have a beta. While I do not have the skills to critique content, I am fairly intense on grammatical issues.
    Good Luck to you and I look forward to seeing more about your work at AA.

  2. Hi Heather Lynn,

    Long time fan (I've read Slurry a gazillion times!), first time correspondent...

    Have you considered AHA ( I visit that site quite regularly, and it seems a pretty good community too.


  3. Hi Heather!

    I just wanted to echo the sentiments of GranJan and Paddy by pointing out the very large community at the Meryton Literary Society, where you will easily find some wonderful people who are very welcoming and generous in offering their support to writers honing their craft. If a large community isn't your scene, then you might take a look at The Bloom and Quill, which is a budding but very lovely new JAFF site that I really enjoy, and the folks there are incredibly nice.

    Okay, the fan girl in me has to tell you that Slurry was actually one of the very first modern adaptations of P&P that I'd read, and definitely an all time favorite. Before I found it I was a regency-only gal, but once I discovered your rock star Darcy (and Sara Angelini's Judge Darcy) I was a changed woman! I'm sorry you pulled it from the Pemberley Library because I truly miss getting my fix! I am very excited, though, by the prospect of actually having a copy on my book shelf by this time next year. I'll see you around Austen Authors!

    Susan Adriani