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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Wear the heck are my headphones? I believe one of my sons has them.

Anyway, I need them because I'm cranking here and I need my tunes. Sadly, my computer's speakers are not up to the challenge, so headphones it is. Plus, headphones have the added advantage of blocking out some of the distractions that keep me from my work.

And what work is that? Well, I'll tell you. I'm re-writing Longborne and Pemberley Go To War. I love this story, with all it's flaws, but I' determined to make it better. I'm changing some of the communication issues to make it more up to date, and then there are the sisters.

Jane Bennet and Caroline Bingley both need a make over. Poor Jane always speaks with an English accent (she even did in Slurry- just amazing, when you think about it) and very 'regency'-ish. I'm going to try and modernize her. Caroline was never much of a threat, and I want to fix that.

A friend argued that in P&P Caroline was never much of a threat, but I disagree. She almost ruined Jane & Charles, and she could have made Elizabeth's life really difficult, if she had recognized Lizzy as the rival for Darcy that she was. Poor Caroline couldn't conceive of Lizzy being anywhere close to her sphere, and dropped the ball there, and so mine will too, but I want her to be less of a cartoon.

So, question for you readers: Should I post the story here? It's already going up on AHA and Bloom & Quill, and I don't want to ruffle feathers, but if someone would like to read it here, please let me know and it shall be done.

Hope you are all staying warm and dry. I'm SO ready for Spring.

You don't believe in God
I don't believe in luck
They don't believe in us
But I believe we're the enemy!

My Chemical Romance
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  1. Love, love Longborn & Pemberley Go To War! Can't wait to read again once you "update" it. One comment: When Charles and Darcy go overseas for the business trip, it was a little hard to believe that in this modern age of email/text/cell that they couldn't reach/call the ladies and had to go through Caroline. I think I'd rather see Caroline deleting emails, voice mails, stealing Charles's cell, etc. That would make her more of a threat.

  2. Kelly: That's exactly what I mean about 'Communication issues'. It's the biggest problem the book has. Thanks for your suggestion, it's pretty close to what I've worked out. ;)