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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm leaving!

So, every day the release of FDRS gets closer and every day I get a little more freaked. Reviews are starting to come in and I can see I'm going to have to follow Abigail Reynold's advice and NOT READ THEM. They will just make me crazy.

So, luckily I have something to keep me busy- VACATION!!! I'm leaving tomorrow night for 2 weeks of fun and sun. I take the same vacation every year, which might seem boring, but it's actually kinda comforting. Anyone who's read my work knows what it is, but I'm going to not go into it right now, because I plan on blogging about it at Austen Authors.

But I will talk about what I've been doing besides working on FDRS, which is sewing. Due to the fact that I am insane, I go on a vacation that requires handmade clothes. Further proof of my condition is evidenced by the fact that I know only bring my own nuclear family (me, Michel & my 2 sons) but I also bring my sisters and their families. Which makes for a great vacation ... and a lot of sewing.

This year I've made:
8 mens tunics
10 womans tunics
6 pairs of pants
3 hoods
4 cloaks
1 shirt
2 dresses
2 skirts
and 10 baby/child tunics.

Is it any wonder I wasn't online much in this month? The good news is the sewing is over, everything is packed, tonight it gets loaded into the van, and tomorrow we leave!!!

But don't worry- I'm bringing my laptop and will stay in touch- after all, I've got a book coming out in a month.


  1. Enjoy your vacation Heather and let your mind just relax!

  2. Thanks Sandy. One good thing about vacation is it certainly takes your mind off things.

  3. Lots of sewing there chica!
    Have a great time, I think it would be so, so fun!